“Ten people nine stomach” to the benefit of stomach patients to the article to your friends (a)

Many friends have been suffering from stomach ache for years, often good times and bad, or light or heavy, recurrently. Now the hospital commonly used means of inspection 14C breath test to detect Helicobacter pylori, or use ultrasonic examination, barium meal examination, endoscopy and so on. So, what kind of understanding of TCM (traditional Chinese Medicine) on this disease? What is the effective prescription? Today, I give you a share in the Ming Dynasty medical Miao Xi Yong “first to lift the vegetative medicine in mind” in the prescription.

Miao Xi Yong, the word Zhongchun, the Ming Dynasty Jiangsu Changshu people. Everyone familiar with the “Compendium of Materia Medica” author Li Shizhen died, he is probably more than 40 years old, and the Ming Dynasty, another medical master Wang Kentang is Mo against the turn. Miao Xi Yong childhood frail, but after adult but grow tiger, a pair of Qiu beard off the appearance. This and today to introduce this prescription has a great relationship.

Once upon a time, Miao Xi Yong and Wang Kentang chatting together, Wang Kentang found Miao Xi Yong from time to time from the sleeve to work out a pill, thrown into the mouth to chew. Wang Kentang feel curious, and asked him what to eat. Miao Xi Yong told Wang Kentang, saying that this is a decent prescription, the human spleen and stomach is very good, but also has a two-way regulation.

There is no appetite, do not want to eat, eat things do not digest, uncomfortable people eat it, there is appetite, eat it Do not feel swollen uncomfortable. ” There are a lot of magic, the book although there are cases, I will not list one by one.
Wang Kentang in Miao Xi Yong Department of this prescription, the beginning is also skeptical, and not too seriously. But then occurred in his own two things, so that he is also the same medical people, from the side of this prescription with admiration, appreciation of Canada.

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