How do I feel driving a electric vehicles?

Due to regulations of officials, people in beijing have to buy electric vehicles (EVs). I bought a BYD(bihari比亚迪) Qin(秦), which is ~180, 000 Chinese Yuan.

First, I indeed like it very much. It’s my first new car. Previously, I have a 1993 toyota corolla, which is very old, and dead in my hand. I drove a lot other cars from renting.


The EV is very quite, if you don’t move, you really feel full complete still.

It’s very clean in terms of non emissions. When I walking on the street, I really hate the cars because of the dirty gas they omitted. Now I feel no guilty about that.

3rd, power and the engine is no longer a problem. The power is defined by electric tension other than motor, so it’s indeed a sport car in the sport mode.

4th, for outdoor activities, I bring the cooks. Burn a pot of water is very easy and it bearly consumes your power, coz you carry ~50 kwh in total.


relies on the shortage of power station, but I haven’t go out of town yet.


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